melissaAbout Melissa

Melissa holds 17 years of experience as a Psychologist, and during that time has worked in child and adolescent mental health, sexual assault, trauma recovery, relationships and mental health. Melissa understands that coming to see a Psychologist can be difficult, and feels privileged to work in the way that she does to support and care for people experiencing difficultly. Ensuring client confidence and safety at the core of the services she provides.

Melissa is committed to confidential, understanding and supportive psychological intervention, with evidence basis for her approach.
Clients often comment about the ease with which they engage in therapy, and personal recommendations are common.

Melissa’s Professional Experience

Melissa commenced her career in child and adolescent mental health services, learning core skills in assessment and interventions with this age group and their families. Melissa then moved on to providing counselling and support to victims of sexual assault and their families, developing her interest and speciality in responding to trauma. Melissa then moved on to management and coordination of child protection, domestic violence and trauma counselling services, providing clinical supervision and policy development in these fields. In more recent years, Melissa has worked in private practice, providing psychological services for a range of different relational, mental and traumatic disorders.

Ongoing professional development is integral to Melissa’s work. Melissa recently completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and remains abreast of recent research in psychological models and methods of care. Melissa is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society, as well as a co-founder of Equine Assisted Psychology Australia. Melissa is currently involved in research to establish the clinical efficacy of Equine Assisted Psychology, as well as development the theoretical underpinnings of the practice. Ensuring that the field maintains the professional and ethical practice expected of Psychologists is a focus area for Melissa, as the popularity of the approach gains momentum.