About Melissa

Melissa is a psychologist with 17 years experience, and during that time has worked in child and adolescent mental health, sexual assault, trauma recovery, relationships and mental health. Melissa understands that coming to see a psychologist can be difficult, and feels privileged to work in the way that she does to support and care for people experiencing difficultly. Ensuring client confidence and safety at the core of the services she provides.

Psychological Assessment and Therapy

Coming from the perspective of a client-centered approach, Melissa is skilled and experienced in the assessment of mental, relational and traumatic disorders. Collaboration and consultation with other treatment providers is customary, and clients can be assured of best practice care and ethical conduct.

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Equine Assisted Psychology

Equine Assisted Psychology (EAP) is an innovative, professional and experiential approach to psychological intervention. During EAP sessions, horse act as assistants and co-facilitators in the therapeutic process.

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